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Guazuma Mill.

Trees. Leaves simple, alternate, stellate-tomentose. Flowers bisexual in axillary peduncled cymes. Sepals 5, connate at base, at first spathaceous. Petals 5, claw narrow, lamina concave, hood-shaped, apex terminating in two long ligulate processes. Staminal cup bearing 5 staminodes, alternating with 5 groups of 3 fertile stamens. Anther lobes divergent. Ovary 5-lobed, finely tubercled; styles more or less connate. Capsules woody, tubercled, septicidally 5-valved. Seeds many, exalbuminous; embryo curved; cotyledons leafy, folded.

Tropical, Central and South America, ca 4 species; one in India (introduced ?).

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