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Hildegardia populifolia (Roxb.) Schott & Endl., Melet. Bot. 33 . 1832. Sterculia populifolia Roxb., [Hort. Beng. 50 . 1814, nom. nud.] Fl. Ind. 148. 1832; Masters in FI. Brit. India 1: 361.1874.

Trees, up to 20 m tall; branchlets angular, warty; bark smooth. Leaves 7.5 -11 x 10 - 14 cm, rounded, reniform or deeply cordate, cordate at base, acumiante at apex, entire, membranous, glabrous, 7-nerved; petioles 5 - 15 cm long. Flowers polygamous in axillary and terminal, up to 15 cm long panicles; glabrous, spreading. Calyx scarlet, lobes 6 - 12 mm long, free nearly to the base, linear-spathulate, downy outisde. Stamens 10 on ca 2 mm long staminal column, adnate to the base of ovary. Ovary ovoid, hispid, tapering into a short style; stigmas 5-lobed. Follicles 5, up to 10 x 5 cm, oblique, strongly veined, obtuse, wigned; stalk up to 4 cm long. Seeds 2, ca 1.3 cm long, ovate-oblong.

Fl. April; Fr. June - Feb.

Distrib. India: In deciduous forests up to 700 m. Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.


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