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Pterocymbium tinctorium (Blanco) Merr., Govt. Lab. Publ. Philipp. 27: 24.1905. Heritiera tinctoria Blanco, Fl. Filip. 653.1837. Sterculia campanulata Wallich ex Masters In Fl. Brit. India 1: 362. 1874; Parkinson, For. Fl. Andaman 100. 1923.

Large trees, 15 - 20 m tall; bark greyish to brownish. Leaves 10 - 15 x 7 - 15 cm, broadly ovate or oblong-ovate, rounded at base, acute or acuminate at apex, entire, petioles 3 - 10 cm long, slender; stipules ca 6 mm long, subulate, caducous. Pedicels jointed; bracteoles caducous. Calyx ca 1.5 x 4 cm, campanulate, glabrous, lobes ca 7 mm long, lanceolate, tube coriaceous, green, velvety along margins. Male flowers: staminal column as long as the sepals, pubescent below; anther lobes parallel, covering abortive ovaries. Female flowers: ovaries 5, sessile, gibbous at base; styles short. Follicles 5 or fewer by abortion, glabrous, membranous, as long as the enlarged sepals, 5 - 9 x 1.8 - 2.5 cm, boat-shaped, 2-lobed, lower broad, round; upper linear, obtuse, glabrous. Seed 1, 1 cm long, ellipsoid to ovoid.


1a. Leaves cordate-rotundate, glabrous 1.1. glabrifolium
b. Leaves ovate or ovate-oblong. pubescent on nerves beneath 1.2. tinctorium


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