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Pterospermum Schreb. nom. cons.

Trees or shrubs; scally ot stellate-tomentose. Leaves simple or lobed coriaceous, oblong, oblong-lanceolate or obovate, rounded, cordate, often oblique at base, sometimes peltate to subpeltate, acuminate or obtuse or lobed at apex, entire or serrate, penninerved; petioles long or short; stipules pinnate to palmately laciniate or absent. Flowers regular, bisexual, large, 1 - 3 in axillary and terminal peduncles; bracteoles 3, entire, laciniate, pectinate, persistent or caducous or absent. Sepals 5, connate at base, deciduous. Petals 5, obovate, oblong or linear, deciduous with the calyx. Staminal column adnate to gynophore bearing 15 fertile stamens in 5 groups of 3 between the staminodes and opposite sepals; anthers linear, erect, connective, apiculate, cells parallel. Ovary inserted on the top of the staminal column, 5-locular; ovules many; styles entire with furrowed stigmas. Capsules woody or coriaceous, terete or angled, loculicidally 5-valved. Seeds winged above, attached in 2 rows to the inner angle of the locules; endosperm scanty or absent; cotyledons plaited or corrugated.

E. Himalayas, S.E. Asia and W. Malesia, ca 40 species; 11 in India.


1a. Capsules angular 2
b. Capsules terete 5
2a. Capsules oblong, covered with brown tubercles; flowers ca 15 cm long 3
b. Capsules oblong, tapering at both ends, glabrous or tomentose; flowers up to 6 cm long 4
3a. Leaves broadly.ovate-oblong, usually 3-lobed at apex; peltate to subpeltate at base; petioles more than 7 cm long; bracteoles palmately divided 1. Pterospermum acerifolium
b. Leaves narrowly obovate-oblong, abruptly triangular at apex, cordate at base; petioles up to 3 cm long; bracteoles entire 3. Pterospermum diversifolium
4a. Leaves entire throughout; capsules glabrous, sulcate; bracts ovate, entire 2. Pterospermum aceroides
b. Leaves coarsely toothed or lobed towards apex; capsules hairy, not sulcate; bracts variously lobed 11. Pterospermum xylocarpum
5a. Bracteoles linear; leaves creamy-pubescent beneath 10. Pterosprmum suberifolium
b. Bracteoles laciniate or palmately divided; leaves tomentose beneath 6
6a. Leaves oblique at base 7
b. Leaves symmetrical at base 9
7a. Leaves large (up to 27 cm long). semisagittate at base; bracteoles with many divisions 9. Pterospermum semisagittatum
b. Leaves small (up to 17.5 cm long); not semisagittate at base; bracteoles with few divisions 8
8a. Leaves up to 8.5 cm long; stipules and bracts without cucullate appendage at base 8. Pterospermum rubiginosum
b. Leaves more than 8.5 cm long; stipules and bracts with cueullate appendaae at base 3. Pterospermum javanicum
9a. Leaves lanecolate; capsules ovoid 5. Pterospermum lancifolium
b. Leaves ovate-oblong; capsules oblong 10
10a. Leaf apex often cut into several lobes or coarsely toothed; bracteoles laciniate; capsules without tubercles at base 7. Pterospermum reticulatum
b. Leaf apex two-lobed; bracteoles pectinate; capsules tubercled at base 6. Pterospermum obtusifolium

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