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Reevesia Lindley

Shrubs or trees. Leaves simple, alternate, coriacoeus. Flowers white, bisexual, numerous, in much-branched terminal cymes; bracteoles small, remote from the calyx, Calyx clavate-campanulate, irregularly 3 - 5-fid. Petals clawed. Staminal column elongated and long exserted, adnate to gynophore, bearing ca 15 anthers in a globose head; anther cells divaricate, ultimately confluent. Ovary at the top of gynophore almost covered by anthers, 5-lobed, 5-locular, ovules 2 in each locule, pendulous; styles short; stigmas sessile, 5-lobed. Capsules woody, septicidally 5-valved. Seeds 1 - 2, superposed, ascending, oblong, compressed, winged downwards, hilum lateral near the top; endosperm fleshy; cotyledons flat, foliaceous.

Mainly in Eastern Asia, ca 23 species; one in India.

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