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Oligomeris Cambess., nom. cons.

Herbs, annual or perennial, occasionally shrublets, ascending or erect. Leaves linear to obovate or spathulate, entire, sessile, fascicled. Flowers minute, in terminal spikes, white, usually bisexual. Sepals 2 - 5, persistent. Petals 2, free or connate. Disc absent. Stamens 3 - 8, free or united at base. Ovary sessile, 3 - 5-carpelled, 4-lobed, 1-locular, open at top; ovules many on 4 placentas. Capsules 1-loculed, ovoid, angled, 3 - 4-cuspidate at apex. Seeds numerous, ovoid, glossy, black or dark brown.

South-west U.S.A., N.& S. Africa, Middle East to India; about 9 species, one species in India.

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