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Reseda alba L., Sp. PI. 449.1753; Sharma et al in Biol. Mem. 2 (1 & 2): 14.1972.

Annual or perennial herbs, (10-) 30 - 80 cm high, erect, branching above, glabrous or sparingly pilose. Leaves pinnatisect into 6 or more lobes; lobes linear to oblong-lanceolate, entire, denticulate or undulate along margins; upper leaves smaller. Flowers racemose, dense; bracts acicular-linear, small, persistent; pedicels 1- 8 mm long, white, 3-Partite, the 2 upper ones with somewhat lobulate or entire lateral lobes. Stamens 10 - 13, with long persistent filaments. Capsules narrowly obovate or elliptic-ovate, constricted at apex, 8 - 15 mm long; seeds spherical-reniform, rough, tuberculate, yellow or brown.

Fl. & Fr. May - Sept.

Distrib. India: Tamil Nadu (Nilgiri hills). Introduced and naturalised.

Europe, W. Asia and Siberia.

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