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Brownlowia Roxb., nom. cons.

Trees, covered with lepidote or stellate hairs. Leaves alternate, pinnate, sometimes peltate; stipules sometimes large and foliaceous. Flowers numerous, small, in large, terminal panicles or smaller in axils of upper leaves. Calyx campanulate, 3 - 5-fid. Petals 5. Stamens numerous; anthers subglobose; staminodes 5, within stamens opposite petals, linear and subpetaloid. Ovary 5-loculed; locules 2-ovuled. Carpels ultimately separating, mature ones subglobose, thick, 2-valved, 1-seeded. Seeds nonendospermous; cotyledons thick, fleshy.

S.E. Asia through Malaysia and the Philippine Islands to New Guinea and the East Pacific Islands, ca 30 species; one in India.

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