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Colona flagrocarpa (C.B. Clarke ex Brandis) Craib, Fl. Siam. Enum. 1(1): 189. 1925; Deb, Fl. Tripura 1: 273.1981. Columbia flagrocarpa C.B. Clarke ex Brandis, Indian Trees 101. 1906.

Trees, 12 - 15 m tall, with umbrageous crowns; branchlets softly tomentose. Leaves simple, 12 - 20 x 5 - 7 cm, ovate-lanceolate, oblique and subcordate at base, acuminate at apex, denticulate, softly tomentose beneath, 3-nerved at base, tertiaries subparallel; petioles up to 1.5 cm long, stout, pubescent. Flowers in terminal and axillary panicles. Sepals oblong. Petals ca 2 mm long, oblong. Stamens glabrous. Ovary globose, hairy. Capsules ca 2.5 cm across, ovoid or obovoid, 3 - 5-winged, seed - bearing portion covered with stellate bristles.

Fl. & Fr. June - Dec. (- May).

Distrib. India: Tripura.

Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

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