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Erinocarpus Nimmo ex Graham

Trees; branchlets stellate-hairy. Leaves shallowly lobed, cordate, palmately nerved. Flowers large, in terminal panicles and leaf-opposed cymes; pedicels jointed; bracts elliptic, subfoliaceous. Sepals 5, free, hooded. Petals 5, free, clawed, pitted-glandular at base. Stamens many, arising from a raised receptacle, free; filaments undulate above. Ovary 3 - 5-loculed, ovules 2 in each locule; style filiform; stigma minute. Fruits woody, indehiscent, often 4-loculed, triquetrous, winged, prickly on the faces. Seeds pendulous, one each locule.

Endemic to the Northern Western Ghats in India, monotypic.

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