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Viola cameleo Boiss. in Bull. Herb. Boiss. ser. 2, 1: 1074. 1901; Hara in Fl. E. Himal. 1: 212. 1966.

Rhizome slender, scaly; stolons 20 - 40 cm long. Leaves ovate-cordate, crenate-serrate, prolonged acute to acuminate, 1.5 - 2.5 x 1 - 2.3 cm, sparsely strigose above; petioles up to 7 cm long in basal leaves, much smaller in upper cauline leaves; stipules ovate acute, foliaceous, ca 3 mm long. Peduncles bibracteolate above the middle, ca 2.5 cm long. Flowers deep or pale yellow with slight violet tinge or entirely violet, 1.5 - 2 cm across. Sepals linear, obtuse, ca 3 mm long. Petals obovate-oblong, striate, ca 1 cm long; spur erect, ca 4 mm long. Stigma bilamenate, almost oblique, with dilated lobes. Fruit not seen.

Fl. April - May.

Distrib. India: Sikkim (Lachen).


Notes. This species, allied to V. hediniana W. Becker, is first recorded from Eastern Himaya by Hara (l.c.), but there is a collection from Lachen, Sikkim dated May 1885 by King's collector s.n. (acc. no. 31233) in CAL.

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