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Viola glaucescens Oudem. in Miq. Ann. Mus. Bot. Lugd.-Bat. 3: 74. 1867. V. distans var.fimbriata Hook. f. & Thomson in Fl. Brit. India 1: 184. 1872.

Rootstock articulated; stolons up to 20 cm long. Leaves orbicular-cordate, acute to subacuminate, 2 - 4.5 x 1.3 - 3.5 cm, basal sinus moderately wide, margin broadly and evenly crenate, glabrous or sparsely hispid above; petioles up to 10 cm long; stipules ovate-oblong, lacerate or fimbriate, up to 1.5 cm long. Peduncles up to 8 cm long. Flowers 1 - 1.5 cm across, white or ross purple. Sepals lanceolate, acute, ca 5 mm long. Petals orbicular-obovate, ca 1 cm long; lateral ones barbate; spur saccate, ca 3 mm long. Capsules oblong, apiculate, ca 8 mm long. Seeds globose, light brown.

Fl. & Fr. Throughout the year.

Distrib. India: West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram.

Nepal, Bhutan and Malaysia.

Notes. This species is distinguishable from V. pilosa Blume by its orbicular-cordate, acute, more or less glabrous leaves, marginate and shortly beaked stigma and elongate oblong capsules. The purple-flowered materials have been described as a variety (var. rubella) by W. Becker, subsequently reduced to a forma by Hara. In all other essential characters they are similar. Authentic sheets of V. distans var. fimbriata in CAL verified at Kew, also lead to the same conclusion.

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