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Viola hediniana W. Becker in Beih. Bot. Centralbl. Abt. 2, 34: 262. 1916; Sparre & C. Fischer in Bull. Misc. Inf. Kew 1929: 252. 1929.

Herbs, pubescent to glabrous; rhizome slender, horizontal; stolons up to 20 cm long, ascending. Leaves ovate-lanceolate, cordate at base, remotely crenate, subacuminate at apex, 3 - 7 x 1.8 - 2.5 cm, smaller above, sparsely pubescent above to glabrous; petioles up to 1 cm long in basal leaves, shorter to sessile in upper cauline leaves; stipules ovate-lanceolate, ca 5 mm long. Peduncles ca 7 cm long, bibracteolate at or above the middle. Flowers ca 1 cm across, yellow. Sepals ovate-oblong, acute, ca 5 mm long, 3-nervate, shortly appendiculate. Petals oblong-ovate, ca 1 cm long, lateral petals ebarbate; spur ca 5 mm long. Stigma bilobed. Fruits not seen.

Fl. May.

Distrib. India: Arunachal Pradesh.


Notes. This species, originally described from China has been reported from Arunachal Pradesh based on a collection from Mishmi Delei Valley by Kingdon Ward (Sparre &. C. Fischer, l. c).

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