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Viola indica W. Becker in Beih. Bot. Centralbl. Abt. 2, 20: 126, 1906; S.P. Banerjee & Pramanik in Fasc Fl.India 12: 25 - 26. 1983.

Root stock densely articulated, up to 12 cm long, stoloniferous; stolons up to 20 cm long, leafy and flowering. Leaves ovate or ovate-oblong, crenate-serrate, subacuminate, 2 - 6 x 1.5 - 4 cm; petioles up to 10 cm long, retrose-hispid; stipules ovate-lanceolate, acute, up to 1.5 cm long, membranaceous, ciliate. Peduncles 3 - 10 cm long, bibractcolate at about the middle. Flowers lilac, sweet scented. Sepals lanceolate, acute, ca 6 mm long; glabrous, appendage shortly triangular. Petals obovate-oblong, ca 1.5 cm long; lateral petal smooth, more or less bearded; spur stout, up to 8 mm long, curved upwards. Stigma shortly beaked. Fruit not seen.


1a. Lateral petals bearded at base 15.1. barbata
b. Lateral petals not bearded at base 15.2. Indica

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