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Biophytum proliferum (Arn.) Wight, Ill. 1: 162. 1840; Edgew. & Hook. f. in Fl. Brit. India 1: 438. 1874. Oxalis prolifera Arn. in Nova Acta Phys-Med. Acad. Caes. Leop. Nat. Cur. 18(1): 327. 1836.

Herbs, perennial; stems many, prostrate or ascending, branched; branches dichotomous or whorled, filiform, nodes thickened, rooting, pubescent or hairy, with tufts of long deflexed hairs below nodes; leaflets 5 - 15 pairs, very small,ca 4 mm long, crowded, overlapping, oblong, truncate at base, obliquely apiculate at apex, both sides bristly hairy; hairs few, long. Peduncles very slender. Flowers 3 - 6 mm across, solitary or 2 together; pedicels as long as or longer than sepals; bracts setaceous. Sepals linear-lanceolate, attenuate at base, acute at apex, long hairy. Capsules shorter than sepals; seeds tuberculate; not furrowed.

Fl. & Fr. Throughout the year.

Distrib. India: Tamil Nadu.

Sri Lanka.

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