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Triumfetta annua L., Mant. Pl. 73. 1767; Masters in Fl. Brit. India 1: 396. 1874. T. triclada Link, Enum. Hort. Berol. Alt. 2: 5. 1822. T. trichoclada DC., Prodr. 1: 507. 1824. T. schimperi Hochst. ex A. Rich., Tent. Fl. Abyss. 1: 83. 1847.

Herbs, erect, up to 1 m high, nearly glabrous; stems glabrous except for a single line of hairs on one side alternating at each node. Leaves 5.5 - 12 x 2 - 5.5 cm, ovate-lanceolate, cuneate at base, acute to acuminate at apex, irregularly serrate, sparsely hairy on both surfaces, 3 - 5-nerved; petioles up to 4 cm long, hairy on upper surface; stipules ca 5 mm long, subulate, hairy. Cymes leaf-opposed, 3-flowered, pedunculate. Flowers ca 8 mm across; pedicels ca 2 mm long. Sepals ca 4 mm long, lorate, cucullate, awned. Petals orange, nearly as long as sepals, spathulate, obtuse. Stamens 10. Carpels 4; ovary globose, hairy, 4-loculed; style as long as stamens; stigma 4-lobed. Capsules 5 - 8 mm across, globose, glabrous, covered with conical, uncinate, 4 - 5 mm long, glabrous spines.

Fl. & Fr. Aug. - March.

Distrib. India: Almost throughout.

Malesia to Tropical Africa.

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