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Viola rupestris F.W. Schmidt in Neue. Abh. Bohm. Ges. 1: 60. 1791. V. arenaria DC., Prodr. 1: 298. 1824.

Herbs, grey papillose hairy to glabrous, caulescent. Leaves ovate-orbicular or rotundate-ovate, truncate at base, obtuse at apex, crenulate, 1 - 2 x 0.5 - 1.5 (2) cm,glandular punctate, shortly pilose; petioles 1.5 - 3 cm long; stipules lanceolate, more or less lobed at apex; up to 1 cm long. Peduncles up to 4.5 cm long, bibracteolate near apex. Flowers ca 1.5 cm across, violet or white. Sepals oblong-lanceolate, acute, 5 - 7 mm long. petals oblong to obovate-oblong, ca 1 cm long; spur cylindric, ca 4 mm long. Style clavate; stigma beaked.


1a. Plants almost glabrous; leaves rotundate ovate, deeply cordate at base 28.1. himalayensis
b. Plants covered an over with grey papillose hairs; leaves ovate-orbicular, slightly cordate at base 28.2. rupestris

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