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Viola suavis M. Bieb., Fl. Taur.-Cauc. 3: 164. 1819; E. E. Todd. in J. R. Hort. Soc. 55: 223. 1930.

Herbs, acaulescent, almost glabrous; rhizome thick, densely articulated, stoloniferous. Leaves radical, ovate or ovate-oblong, rotundate, crenulate, 1 - 3.5 x 1.2 - 3 cm, hispid mainly on nerves beneath; petioles up to 7 cm long, retrose-hispid; stipules lanceolate, acuminate, glandulosc-fimbriate to ciliate. Peduncles up to 10 cm long. Flowers ca 1.5 cm across, violet with white centre. Sepals obtuse, ca 5 mm long. Petals ca 1.2 cm long, lateral ones not hairy; spur saccate, ca 4 mm long. Ovary glabrous; style horizontal, stigma beaked. Capsules globose, adpressed-pubescent.

Fl. & Fr. March - April.

Distrib. India: Jammu & Kashmir.

C. & W. Asia and Europe.

Notes. Differs from V. odorata L. in its broadly lanceolate distinctly fimbriate stipules, ovate-cordate leaves, light blue-violet flowers with a white centre and non-uncinate style.

Chromosome number reported: n = 40 (Schmidt in Ostcrreich Bot. Zcitcher 108: 20 - 88.1961).

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