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Oxalis variabilis Jacq., Oxal. 89, t.53, 1794, incl. var. rubra; Calder in Rec. Bot. Surv. India 6: 328. 1919; Fyson, Fl. S. Indian Hill. Stat. 74, t. 49. 1932.

Herbs, usually acaulescent, bulbous, 6 - 12 cm high; bulbs globose, but acute at both ends, ca 1.5 cm long, dull black, shiny. Leaves 3-foliolate, 6 - 12 cm long, long petiolate; petioles slender, up to 12 cm long, with sparsely scattered shining hairs; leaflets inconspicuously pulvinate, median one large, faintly emarginate, ca 1.2 x 1.4 cm, membranous, punctate with dark glands; lateral leaflets smaller, unequal, cuneate at base. Scapes 2 - 3 ca 5 cm long; bracteoles 2, placed below middle of scape, subulate,ca 2 mm long, laxly hairy to almost glabrous. Flowers solitary, 2.5 - 3 cm long, ca 2 cm across. Sepals 5, unequal, lanceolate, 4 - 6 mm x 1 - 2 mm, pilose outside, with elongate longitudinal dark spots. Petals 5, united below into a wide funnel-shaped. tube; claws short, free, densely shining hairy in bud. Stamens 10, united at base into a cup; filaments somewhat flattened, membranous, alternately long and short; long filaments ca 8 mm long, glabrous with a dorsal scale; short ones 4 - 5 mm long; anthers oblong, glabrate, 2-locular, introrse. Ovary somewhat elongate, slightly narrowed at apex, distinctly 5-lobed, glabrous, ca 3 mm long, 5-locular, ovules many in each locule; styles 5, very short, reflexed, minutely hairy; stigmas 5, laciniate.

Fl. & Fr. June - Feb.

Distrib. India: A weed in hill stations, Tamil Nadu.

Native of S. America; introduced and naturalized 10 many other parts of the World.


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