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M.K. Manna

Trees, shrubs or lianas. Leaves alternate, odd-pinnate, exstipulate. Panicles in leaf axils or directly on stems and branches. Flowers small, regular, bisexual. Sepals 5, free. Petals 5, imbricate. Stamens 10, obdiplostemonous, filaments shortly connate at base. Ovary superior, 5-lobed, 5-locular; ovules 2 - 6 per locule, pendulous. Berries oblong; seeds arillate or exarillate.

Distrib. Malesia, Madagascar, Myanmar and S. America; ca 16 species, 1 genus and 2 species in India.

Literature. VELDKAMP, J.F.(1971) In: STEENIS, Fl. Males. ser. 1. 7(1): 151 - 178.

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