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Trees or shrubs. Leaflets subopposite, subsessile, entire. Panicles axillary or cauliflorous. Flowers in scattered, stalked loose cymes. Stamens 10, outer 5 short, inner 5 long, sometimes only 5 fertile. Disk absent, berries with acute or obtusely angled ridges; seeds arillate or exarillate.


1a. Leaflets 4 or 5 pairs; panicles axillary, petals less than 5 mm long; berry with acutely angled ridges 2. Averrhoa carambola
b. Leaflets 5 - 17 pairs; panicles cauliflorous, petals more than 5 mm long; berry with obtusely angled ridges 1. Averrhoa bilimbi

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