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Scandent shrubs, stellate-pubescent. Leaves opposite, simple, stipulate, pinnately nerved, conduplicate in vernation. Flowers small, actinomorphic, in axillary and terminal pedunculate panicles. Sepals (3 -) 4 (- 5), small, united at base. Petals (3-) 4 (-5), revolute, valvate. Stamens many, more or less biseriate, on a disk; filaments filiform; anthers dehiscing transversely. Gynoecium 3-carpellary, syncarpous; ovary superior, 3-loculed with 2 erect ovules in each locule; placentation basal; style subulate. Fruit a turbinate septicidal capsule with 3 spreading wings ultimately separating into 3 cocci.

One genus and 2 species.

Notes. Following Baas et al. (1979) the genus Plagiopteron is kept in the family Plagiopteraceae.

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