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Scandent shrubs, brown or rusty stellate-pubescent. Leaves opposite, simple, petiolate, ovate-oblong, elliptic to obovate, acute to acuminate, entire, pinnately nerved. Panicles pedunculate, terminal or axillary. Flowers small, actinomorphic, in dense clusters, fragrant or not. Bracts linear. Sepals (3-) 4 (-5), small, shortly united at base. Petals (3-) 4 (-5), revolute, valvate, pubescent. Stamens many, slightly united at base; filaments filiform. Gynoecium 3-carpellary, syncarpous; ovary superior, pubescent, 3-loculed with 2 ovules in each locule; style subulate. Capsules turbinate with 3 spreading wings, ultimately separating into 3 cocci.

Confined to India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China and Thailand, with 2 species; one in India, restricted to the Khasi and Jaintia hills in Meghalaya.

Literature. BAAS, P., R. GEESINK, W.A. VAN HEEL &. J. MULLER (1979) The affinities of Plagiopteron suaveolens Griff. (Plagiopteraceae). Grana 18: 69 - 89. fig. 1 a - k. DANIEL, P. (1991) The alternative names of the type of Plagiopteron (Plagiopteraceae). Taxon 40: 619 - 620.

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