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Plagiopteron suaveolens Griffith in Calcutta J. Nat. Hist. 4: 244. 1843; P. Daniel in Taxon 40: 619. 1991. P. fragrans Griffith in Calcutta J. Nat. Hisl. 4: 1. 13, ff. 1 - 15. 1843, nom. alt.; Masters in Fl. Brit. India 1: 399. 1874.

Shrubs, large, scandent, woody; young parts rusty stellate-pubescent. Leaves opposite, simple, ca 10 x 5 cm, elliptic to obovate, rounded or subcordate at base, entire along margins, acute at apex, membranous, almost glabrous above except puberulous nerves, stellate-pubescent with prominent nerves beneath, pinnately nerved; petioles 0.5 - 1 cm long. Pubescent; stipules 2, minute, linear, caducous. Flowers small, in axillary or terminal panicles of dense clusters, greenish, very fragrant; peduncles 6 - 9 cm long, pubescent; bracteoles linear, ca 2 mm long. Sepals (3 -) 4 (-5), subulate, ca 1 mm long, valvate, pubescent outside. Petals (3-) 4 (-5), ovate-oblong, revolute, ca 2.5 mm long, valvate, sepaloid, pubescent outside. Stamens many, on a disk, slightly united at base, much longer than petals; filaments filiform, slightly dilated above; anthers subglobose, 4-loculed, dehiscing by an apical horizontal slit. Ovary superior, pubescent, 3-loculed with 2 basal erect ovules in each locule; style subulate, simple; stigma minutely 3-lobed. Capsules turbinate, expanded at apex into 3 spreading wings and ultimately separating into 3 cocci; wings spathulate, 2 - 4.5 cm long, unequal with subparallel veins; seeds not seen.

Fl. & Fr. Dec.

Distrib. India: Meghalaya (Khasi and Jaintia hills).

Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand.


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