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1a. Twigs never spiny; leaves usually pinnate with alternate leaflets attached to a non-articulate rachis; rarely trifoliolate or unifoliolate or simple; ovary 2 - 6 -locular with 1 or 2 ovules in each locule; fruits small, without pulp-vesicles, semidry or slightly juicy Tribe 1.2. CLAUSENEAE
b. Twigs of young plants often with axillary, single or paired spines; leaves usually pinnate with leaflets often opposite, attached to an articulate rachis, or sometimes tri- to unifoliolate or simple; ovary usually 2 -5 -locular with lor 2 ovules in each locule (rarely 6 - 18- or up to 20-locular with 4 - 18 ovules); fruits small to large, usually juicy with well developed pulp-vesicles. or rarely with rudimentary pulp bodiea; pericarp thin,soft (as in Severinia buxifolia and Triphasia trifolia) or glandular- leathery (Atalantia and Citrus) or woody (Aegle and Limonia) Tribe 1.1. CITREAE

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