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1a. Petals valvate; ovary locules twisted along their radial walls; cotyledons thin, folded 15. Micromelum
b. Petals imbricate; ovary loculcs not twisted; cotyledons thick, fleshy, plano-convex 2
2a. Buds densely covered with rusty reddish brown hairs; leaves imparipinnate with 5 - 7, or 2 or 3 equilateral leaflets or rarely unifoliolate or simple; style very short, often not clearly demarcated from ovary, persistent 14. Glycosmis
b. Buds glabrous or if pubescent the hairs grey or whitish; leaves imparipinnate with 5 to 9 or more than 15, sometimes up to 27, asymmetric leaflets; style as long as or longer than ovary, distinctly demarcated from ovary, often caducous (rarely persistent) 3
3a. Flowers ca 6 mm long (ripe buds), subglobose in bud; staminal filaments much dilated and hollow at base; ovary borne on a distinct, hourglass-shaped gynophore 13. Clausena
b. Flowers 8 -15 mm long (ripe buds), cylindric or long-ovoid in bud; staminal filaments Iinear-subulate; ovary borne directly on an annular or cylindric fleshy disk 16. Murraya

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