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Chloroxylon DC. nom. cons.

Unispecific; description and distribution as for the species given below.

Literature. AIRY-SHAW, HK. (1965) Diagnoses of new families, new names etc. for the seventh edition of Willis's Dictionary. Kew Bulletin 18: 249 - 273; HARTLEY, T.G. (1969) A revision of the genus Flindersia. J. Arn. Arb. 50: 481 - 526; UMADEVI, I., M. DANIEL & S.D. SABNIS (1988) Chemosystematics of some members of the family Meliaceae. Fedd. Rep. 99: 195 - 197.

Notes. Airy Shaw (1965) while creating a new family, Flindersiaceae for Chloroxylon and Flindersia stated that the two genera showed characters intermediate between Rutaceae and Meliaceae, agreeing with former in possession of pellucid gland-dotted leaves and with latter in structure of capsules and winged seeds.

The question of systematic placement of Chloroxylon and Flindersia was criticaHy reviewed by Hartley (1969) who followed Engler in treating the two genera under Rutaceae, subfamily Flindersioideae. Dahlgren, Cronquist and Thome supported inclusion of the two genera under Rutaceae. Phytochemical investigations (see Umadevi et al. (1988) also support that Chloroxylon and Flindersia at best be treated under Rutaceae, because of the presence of coumarins and alkaloids (Furoquino lines) which are totally unknown in Meliaceae.

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