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Indorouchera Hall. f. (Roucheria Mill.)

Trees, erect or scandent shrubs with revolute, woody tendrils. Leaves entire or glandular-serrate, coriaceous, penninerved; stipules minute, caducous. Flowers in axillary fascicles, or in short fascicled spikes, yellow, subsessile, 5-merous, subtended by bracteoles. Sepals 5, subequal. Petals 5, hypogynous, contorted, fugaceous. Stamens 10, all fertile, alternately long and short; filaments connate into a short tube. Ovary 3 - 5-locular; ovules 2, collateral in each locule; styles 3 - 5, filiform; stigmas cuneate, 2-lobed. Drupes subglobose, stone 3 - 6-angled, locules 1- 2-seeded. Seeds compressed pendulous; endosperm somewhat fleshy; cotyledons foliaceous.

Malaysia, Indonesia and India. ca 4 species; one in India.

Literature. BACKER, C.A. & RC. BAKHUIZEN VAN DEN BRINK (1963). Fl. Java 1: 24 - 242. RAO, M.K.V. & T. CHAKRABARTY (1984). Indorouchera Hall. f. (Linaceae). A new generic record for India. J. Econ. Tax. Bot. 5: 931 - 932.

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