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1a. Petioles wingless, imperfectly or not articulate at base of blade; fruits longer than broad 6. Citrus medica
b. Petioles marginate or narrow to broadly winged, articulate at base of blade ; fruit not as above 2
2a. Petioles narrowly marginate 3
b. Petioles narrowly to broadly winged 4
3a. Leaflets attenuate at apex, entire or slightly crenate above along margins; petals white; fruits with. thin slightly adherent pericarp; seeds 12 -15 x ca 8 mm 3. Citrus indica
b. Leaflets subacute or obtuse at apex, glandular-serrulate along margins; petals purplish tinged; fruits with rather thick, strongly adherent pericarp; seed. 5 - 10 x 5 - 6 mm,ovoid 4. Citrus limon
4a. Flowers 20 - 25 mm across; fruits up to 5 cm across, oblong, ovoid or subglobose, lemon yellowish in colour; pericarp thin, leathery 1. Citrus aurantifolia
b. Flowers 40 - 45 mm across; fruits more than 6 cm across, variously shaped, variously coloured; poricarp rather thick 5
5a. Petioles broadly winged; wings 15 - 25 mm broad 6
b. Petioles marginate or narrowly winged; wings up to 6 mm broad 7
6a. Petiolar wings oblong-spathulate or obeordate; fruits 10 - 20 cm across, pale green to yellow; mesocarp (albedo) very thick and spongy 5. Citrus maxima
b. Petiolar wings oblong-obovato; fruits up to ca 8 cm across, reddish-vermilion; mesocarp scanty, fibrous 2. Citrus aurantium
7a. Leaflets 5 - 10 x 2.0 - 3.5 cm, tapering at apex; fruits with loosely attached pericarp 7. Citrus reticulata
b. Leaflets 7 - 10.5 x 3.5 - 5 cm, obtusely emarginate at apex; fruits with adherent pericarp 8. Citrus sinensis

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