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Hydnocarpus castanea Hook. f. & Thomson in Fl. Brit. India 1: 197. 1872.

In CAL a number of collections from Andamans have been identified either as Hydnocarpus sp. or H. castanea; all these however belong to Drypetes longifolia (Blume) Pax & Hoffm. (Euphorbiaceae).

Hook. f. & Thomson (l.c.) cited one of the type localities as 'King's Island, Andamans, ... Helfer; ...' On one of the type sheets, (Herb. E.I.C. no. 4364 - K, Photo!) the words 'Tennaserim and Andamans' printed on the Kew distribution label has been cut probably by J.D. Hooker himself and written in ink 'King's Island'. On one corner of the label the word 'Andamans' is also written on the sheet. Sleumer (Bot. Jahrb. 69: 39. 1938) while excluding Andamans from the distribution of the species erroneously referred Helfer's collection to Malay Peninsula. Helfer was actually stationed at Tennasserim in Myanmar (Burma) and made a brief journeys to Andamans where he lost his life. The island in question therefore appears to be the one in Mergui Archipelago, off Tennasserim coast.

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