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Citrus macroptera Montr. var. annamensis Tanaka in Bull. Mus. Rist. Nat.(Paris), 2 ser. 2: 164. 1930 (as c. macroptera); Bhattacharya & Dutta, Class. Citrus Fr. Assam 84. 1956; Swingle, Citrus Ind. 1: 399.1967. C. combara Raf., Sylva Tell. 142. 1838. C. macroptera Montr. var. combara (Raf.) Tanaka in J. Indian Bot. Soc. 16: 238. 1937.

Asm.: Satkara; Kh.: Sooh-kwit.

Medium to large trees, up to 15 m high, densely foliaged, thickly branched, very spinous. Leaves up to 20 cm long; petioles broadly winged, often longer than blade; wings obovate or obcordately oblong, abruptly attenuate at base, obtuse or subtruncate at apex, entire to slightly crenate along margin, 4.5 - 10 x 2.5 - 6 cm; leaflet blades ovate-elliptic, 4.5 - 7 x 3 - 4.5 cm, obtuse and emarginate at apex, obtuse at base, subentire or obscurely crenate along margin, dark green and glossy above. Inflorescences axillary, glomerate, 2 - 10 flowered, cymosely arranged or rarely solitary. Flowers bisexual and staminate with abortive pistil, sessile, globose in bud. Calyx cupular, 4-or 5-lobed;sepals deltate,acute. Petals 4 or 5,ovate,obtuse, ca 10 x 8 mm, white. Stamens 23 - 30; filaments free, white; anthers linear, ca 3 mm long. Ovary oblate, 13 - 15-locular; style cylindric, very short, white; stigma capitate. Fruits medium to large, 5 - 9 x 7 - 12 cm, oblate to pyriform, yellow; sufface smooth, pitted, papillate; pericarp thick, strongly adherent; mesocarp Spongy, tasteless, white; segments 13 - 15; axis solid or semihollow; pulp-ves-icles stalked, ovoid to obovoid, obtuse, small; juice abundant, greenish-white, bitterly sour; seeds 20 - 40 per fruit, cuneate or triangular,pointed at tip, plump, smooth; chalazal spot reddish; cotyledons white.

Fl. March; Fr. Nov. - Jan.

Distrib. India: Evergreen forests of N.E. India and moist deciduous forests of the N. Himalayas. Assam (Cachar, Mikir, Nowgong and Sibsagar), Meghalaya (Khasi hills) and Uttar Pradesh (Almora-Gori Valley).

Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indochina and Thailand.

Notes. Fruits are edible and used in culinary preparations and also in making squashes.


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