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Shrubs or trees. Leaves alternate, simple, entire. Flowers in axillary cymes. Calyx cup-shaped, 5-7-lobed. Petals 5-6, free, valvate, hairy within. Stamens equal to the number of petals; filaments slender; anthers .very small, globose. Staminodes absent. Ovary 1-loculed; style conical; stigma shortly lobed. Drupes surrounded by accrescent disc.

Tropical Africa, Indo-Malaya and Pacific; about 21 species, 4 in India.


1a. Inflorescence pedunculate for 6-10 mm; peduncle without numerous bracteoles or scales 4. Anacolosa ilicoides
b. Inflorescence nearly sessile, with numerous bracts or scales 2
2a. Calyx puberulous 2. Anacolosa frutescens
b. Calyx glabrous 3
3a. Leaves oblong, smooth in dried specimens; cymes many-flowered 1. Anacolosa densiflora
b. Leaves lanceolate or ovate-Ianceolate, tubercled at least on the undersurface in dried specimens; cymes few-flowered 3. Anacolosa griffithii

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