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Anacolosa densiflora Beddome in Madras J. Lit. Sci. Sere 3. 1: 38. 1864; Masters in Fl. Brit. India 1: 580. 1875.

Mal.: Kal manikkam; Tam.: Katta ockkali.

Trees. Leaves oblong, up to 12 x 5 cm, acuminate, entire, glabrous, shining; petiole ca 5 mm long. Flowers in cymes, fragrant, yellow; pedicels equal to flowers in length. Calyx cup-shaped, glabrous, 4-6-toothed. Petals 4-6, ovaie-lanceolate, reflexed at tips, hispid within. Filaments included, glabrous. Ovary surrounded by a broad disc, 3-loculed; stigma 3-lobed.

Distrib. India: In evergreen forests of Western Ghats, ascending up to 800 m. Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Rare.

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