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Schoepfia Schreb.

Trees; branches terete or angled. Leaves simple, alternate, petioled. Flowers in axillary racemes or spikes, yellow, fragrant. Calyx adherent to the ovary. Corolla tubular, perigynous; limb 4-5 parted. Stamens 4-5, epipetalous. Staminodes absent -Ovary inferior or half superior, surmounted by a fleshy, epigynous disc, 3-loculed below, 1-loculed at the top; style cylindric; stigma capitate, 3-lobed. Drupes surrounded at the base by epicalyx, crowned by remains of calyx and corolla. Stone striated, 1-seeded.

Native of Himalaya and tropical south America, also distributed in Myanmar, Indo-China, China, Japan, Thailand and Sumatra; about 35 species, 3 in India.

Literature. VAN STEENIS, C.G.G.J. (1952) Miscellaneous Botanical Notes-IV. Notes on Asiatic species of Schoepfla (Olacaceae). Reinwardtia 1: 467-472.


1a. Flowers in axillary racemes; bract and bracteoles, connate into a 3-lobed epicalyx 1. Schoepfia fragrans
b. Flowers in fascicled, axillary spikes; bracts connate with the apex of each pedicel 2
2a. Flowers more or less urceolate; corolla tube broadest below ovary 2. Schoepfia griffithii
b. Flowers more or less tubular; corolla tube slightly broadened towards throat 3. Schoepfia jasminodora

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