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Miquelia Meissner

Dioecious. Climbing shrubs; wood with large porous vessels. Leaves alternate, petiolate, crenulate to toothed, chartaceous, often palminerved. Inflorescence in axillary racems, panicles or fascicles. Flowers unisexual, in heads or umbels, arranged distally on thick peduncles, sessile. Calyx minute, 4 - 5-lobed. Petals 4 - 5, united into a long tube; lobes valvate, apex inflexed. Male flowers: Stamens 4 - 5; filaments short; anthers dorsifixed. Rudimentary ovary small. Female flowers: Staminodes very short. Ovary cylindric, pubescent; style short; stigma sessile, cupular. Drupe oblong-elliptic, laterally compressed; mesocarp thin; endocarp crustaceous, rugose; albumen fleshy; cotyledons elliptic, foliaceous.

South East Asia; 8 species, 2 in India.


1a. Leaves lanceolate, 10 - 20 x 5 - 6 cm; margin entire to crenulate 2. Miquelia kleinii
b. Leaves broadly ovate-lanceolate, 20 - 22 x 9 - 10 cm; margin dentate 1. Miquelia dentata

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