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Sarcostigma Wight & Arn.

Dioecious. Much branched woody climbers. Leaves alternate, entire, coriaceous to subcoriaceous; petiole striate, curved. Inflorescence in axillary or terminal spikes, spike-like racemes, panicles or interrupted fascicles, usually pendulous. Flowers unisexual, sessile or female sometimes pedicellate. Calyx cup shaped, 4 - 6-toothed, persistent. Petals 4 - 6, free or connate at base, valvate, reflexed, persistent in male flowers. Stamens 4 - 6; filaments slender; anthers dorsifixed. Rudimentary ovary hairy. Staminoides present or absent in female flowers. Ovary hairy; stigma subsessile. Drupe oblong, flattened; exocarp thin, yellow to orange red; endocarp hard, smooth to warty. Seed-1

Tropical South East Asia; 2 species, 1 in India.

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