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Cansjera A.L. Juss.

Erect shrubs, woody climbers or small trees, often root parasites. Branches densely pubescent and with scattered stout spines., Leaves slightly coriaceous or membranous, glabrous or hairy. Flowers bisexual, in axillary spikes, greenish yellow, in the axils of small persistent bracts; rachis and bracts densely hairy. Perianth pilose, urceolate or campanulate with 4 or rarely 5 recurved lobes, persistent in fruit. Stamens not exceeding the perianth tube; filaments filiform. Disc scales alternating with the stamens. Ovary ovoid to cylindrical; style short sometimes slightly exceeding the perianth tube; stigma globose to 4-lobed. Drupes almost ellipsoid.

Tropical Asia, Australia; 5 species, 1 in India.

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