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Champereia Griffith

Small trees or shrubs; branches, glabrous. Leaves coriaceous. Inflorescence much branched axillary panicles; rachis puberulous. Flowers unisexual or polygamous. Male and female flowers borne on separate inflorescences; female flowers in more dense and stout inflorescence; sometimes male flowers lacking, instead bisexual and female flowers occurring on separate inflorescence. Male flowers pedicelled, 5, or 4 - 6-merous; bracts minute, fugacious. Filaments filiform. In female flowers perianth reflexed. Ovary small. conical; stigma sessile. Disc lobed. Drupes shortly ellipsoid.

Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malesia, Sumatra and New Guinea; 6 species, 1 in India.

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