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Opilia Roxb.

Small trees, shrubs, woody climbers; or root parasites; young branchlets glabrous, puberulous or tomentose. Leaves alternate, coriaceous, glabrous, puberulous or tomentose, entire, penninerved. Inflorescence short, in axillary racemes. Flowers bisexual, fragrant, small, 1 - 3 together in the axils of deciduous bracts; bracts broadly ovate or orbicular, peltate, densely imbricate, caducous. Perianth 5, free, oblong, valvate. Disc 5-lobed, lobes alternating with the stamens. Stamens 5, opposite petals; filaments slender; anthers small, 2-celled. Ovary superior, cylindric to elipsoid; stigma sessile, ovate; ovule solitary, pendulous. Drupes ellipsoid, puberulous.

Tropical Africa to tropical Asia, Solomon Island and Australia; ca 22 species, 1 in India.

Literature. HIEPKO, P. (1982) A revision of Opiliaceae 2. Opilia Roxb. Willdenowia 12 (2): 161-182.

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