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Samadera Gaertner

Small trees. Leaves alternate, simple, entire, petioled with scattered concave glands usually on lower surface. Flowers bisexual, in axillary or terminal umbels. Calyx small, 3 - 5-lobed, imbricate, glandular. Petals 3 - 5, coriaceous, free, elongate, imbricate. Disk large, obconic. Stamens 6 - 10, included, with basal scales and slender filaments; anthers lanceolate. Ovary of 4 - 5 free, distinct carpels; ovules solitary, pendulous; styles free at base, more or less united above; stigmas acute. Fruits of 1 - 5 large compressed drupes, rigid, winged; seeds solitary.

India, Tropical areas of Malesia , Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Bismarks & Solomon Islands; 2 species, 1 in India.

Notes. Nooteboom in Fl. Males. ser. I. 6: 199. 1962 reduces this genus to a section under Quassia, but Samadera with simple leaves is treated here as a genus distinct from Quassia with compound leaves.

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