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Xanthophyllum Roxb., nom. cons.


1a. Leaves recurved along margins; sepals glabrous outside, ciliate along margins; ovary glabrous; 2 stamens adnate to petals and 6 attached to disc 1. Xanthophyllum andamanicum
b. Leaves flat or undulate along margins; sepals pubescent throughout; ovary densely pubescent or strigose; stamens not so 2
2a. Leaves not glossy, pale green; racemes singly arranged; rachis thin; two stamens connate to each other at base, one adhering to middle petals and rest free 2. Xanthophyllum burkillii
b. Leaves glossy green; racemes branched; rachis thick or strongly flattened; stamens all free or shortly connate at base or 6 adnate to petals or 2 on disc 3
3a. Branchlets puberulous, with spinular protuberances in 2 - 3 vertical rows above petiole; flowers white or yellowish; petals without white incrustations; keel petals glabrous outside; fruits glabrous 3. Xanthophyllum flavescens
b. Branchlets glabrous, without such spinules; flowers pale violet; turning to yellow, brown or dark red; petals often with white incrustations; keel petals appressed hairy outside; fruits hairy 4. Xanthophyllum vitellinum

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