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Protium Burm. f., nom. cons.

Trees, sometimes shrubs. Leaves alternate, exstipulate, imparipinnate, rarely unifoliolate, leaflets petiolulate; tips of leaflets usually distinctly mucronulate. Panicles axillary or pseudoterminal, branched. Flowers small, bisexual or unisexual, 4 - 6-merous. Calyx persistent. Disk annular, truncate-undulate or crenately lobed, fleshy, glabrous. Stamens twice as many as petals, free; sometimes slightly reduced in female flowers. Ovary ovoid or subglobose, 4 - 5-locular, glabrous or pubescent; ovules 2 in each locule; male flowers often with sterile ovules. Drupes globose or ovoid with 1 - 3 pyrenes; pulp fibrous, arilliform; pyrenes hard, bony; testa membranous; cotyledons plicate, lobed to palmatifid.

American tropics, Madagascar, Mascarenes, in S.E. Asia from India through Malesia as far as New Guinea; ca 90 species, one species in India.

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