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R.R. Rao and P.K. Hajra

Shrubs, woody, climbing or scrambling; branches alternate, usually lenticellate in older parts. Leaves simple, alternate or crowded, sometimes pellucid-punctate, entire or crenate-serrate, exstipulate, pinnately veined. Flowers small, axillary, solitary, paired or sometimes fascicled and glomerulate on main branches or on ultimate shoots or on old woods, unisexual, actinomorphic; parts hypogynous; plants monoecious or dioecious; pedicels ebracteolate or several bracteolate; torus often highly modified, globose or broadly columnar. Perianth segments 9 - 16, spirally arranged, free, 2-many seriate, usually with gradual transition from sepaloid to petaloid segments; the outer smallest; the next ones gradually larger. Male flowers: Stamens 5 - 60 (-many), entirely covering the receptacle, spirally arranged on torus immersed in cavities or not; filaments short, connate at base; anthers 2-locular, extrorse or introrse, longitudinally dehiscent; connectives often widened, not produced apically. Female flowers: Carpels 20 - 30, rarely many, free, spirally arranged on torus, only partially closed, 1-locular; style short, with ventrally arranged stigma; ovules 2 - 5, ventral, bitegmic, crassinucellar, anatropous or campylotropous. Fruitlets aggregate, composed of modified elongated torus and sessile juicy drupaceous or berry-like indehiscent subglobose carpels. Seeds 1 - 5, rarely more; endosperm copious, oily; embryo minute, straight; cotyledons divaricate.

Temperate and tropical S. India, N.E. India, China, W. Malesia and South-east U.S.A .; 2 genera and ca 47 species, 2 genera and 6 species in India

Literature. SMTTH, A. C. (1947) The families Illiciaceae and Schisandraceae. Sargentia 7: 1ยท 224


1a. Torus columnar, covered completely by widely patent fleshy filaments, covering up to the apex; stigma broad, not subulate; fruitlets crowded in a head 1. Kadsura
b. Torus either columnar, with erecto-patent filaments not covering up to apex, or semiglobose with rather distant cavities in which all or majority of anthers are embedded; stigma narrow, subulate; fruitlets scattered on elongated axis 2. Schisandra

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