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Euonymus dichotomus Heyne ex Wallich in Roxb., Fl. lnd. 2: 410. 1824; M. Lawson in Fl. Brit. India 1: 609. 1875.

Tam.: Vini.

Small trees; branch lets terete, very slender, tender portions quadrangular Leaves oblong-lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate, 4-6 x 2-3 mm, apex acuminate, coriaceous, thin, base tapering, entire or crenate, wavy; petioles channelled. Inflorescence more than 7-flowered cymes. Sepals 5-lobed. Petals 5, orbicular, entire, flat, greenish. Stamens 5, inserted on the margins of the disc. Ovary sunk on the disc; stigma blunt. Disc lobed. Capsules clavate, 1.5 cm long, tapering downwards. Seeds oblong, brownish, glabrous, enclosed in fleshy aril.

Fl. & Fr. : March - Nov.

Distrib. India : Western Ghats, up to 1500 m. Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Sri Lanka.

Notes. Used for wood work, especially in engraving.

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