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Herbs, annual or perennial. Flowers bisexual, 5-merous with contorted aestivation. Calyx shortly campanulate or clavate, narrow, firm, not conspicuously inflated, lower part tubular with 5 free teeth above, 10-nerved. Petals long-clawed with coronal scales at base of limb, red or white. Stamens 10. Ovary 1-locular throughout or 5-locular at base; styles 5, opposite calyx segments. Carpophore usually present. Capsules sessile or stalked, enclosed in calyx; seeds very small, rugose or tuberculate.

Northern hemisphere; ca 15 species, 2 species in India.


1a. Plants tomentose with long straight silky hairs; petals obcordate; seeds biconvex 1. Lychnis coronaria
b. Plants pubescent with short recurved hairs; petals obovate-cuneate; seeds rotundate-reniform 2. Lychnis ischnopetala

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