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Lychnis ischnopetala (F. Williams) Majumdar, comb. nov. Hedona ischnopetala F. Williams in J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 38: 405. 1909.

Herbs with long slender roots; stems erect, branched above, pubescent with short recurved hairs. Leaves lanceolate, hard, 1-nerved; lower leaves broader, attenuate towards base; upper ones linear-lanceolate. Flowers in lax dichasia, long-pedicellate; bracteoles 4 at base of pedicel. Calyx densely clothed with short brittle curly hairs; teeth triangular, rarely acute, ciliate, membranous along margins; nerves united beyond curves of teeth. Petals narrow, obovate-cuneate, irregularly erose, ciliate only at base of claw. Capsules sessile, 5-valved; seeds rotundate-reniform, blackish blue, tuberculate on dorsal face.

Fl. May - July.

Distrib. India: Temperate and alpine regions of E. Himalayas. Sikkim.

China (Tibet).

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