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Chukrassia A. Juss.

Deciduous trees with an indumentum of simple hairs. Leaves usually paripinnate; leaflets alternate, subopposite or opposite, acuminate, entire, unequally sized. Panicles axillary or terminal, usually shorter than leaves. Flowers 4 - 5-merous, unisexual but with well-developed vestiges or opposite sex. Calyx short, dentate. Petals 4 - 5, free, oblong, contorted, much longer than calyx, erecto-patent. Staminal tube broadly cylindrical, narrowing towards apex, entire or 10-crenate; anthers or antherodes inserted within crenatures. Disk obsolete, in male flowers stipitate, more or less indistinguishable from base of pistillode, narrolwy cushion-shaped in female flowers. Ovary flask-shaped, shortly stipitate, 3 - 5-locular; locules with numerous, 2-seriate ovules; style slender; stigma 3 - 5-lobed or capitate. Pistillode similar to pistil but more slender with vestigial ovules in well-developed locules. Fruit a septifragal capsule, ovoid, woody, 3-valved; valves 2-lamellate; columella with 3 - 5 sharply angled ridges at apex with conspicuous seed scars; seeds 80 - 100 per locule, arranged in tiers, terminally winged , endospermous.

One to 2 species from India eastwards to Malesia and S. China; one in India.

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