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Soymida A. Juss.

Trees, deciduous, lofty, glabrous. Leaves paripinnate; leaflets opposite, glabrous. Flowers unisexual, in axillary or terminal panicles. Sepals 5, more or less free, imbricate. Petals 5, free, spreading, with a short claw, imbricate. Staminal tube cup-shaped, short; margin entire or lobed with 10 anthers or antherodes with short filaments; appendages absent. Disk in male flowers shallowly cup-shaped, adnate to base of pistillode, reduced to indistinct swelling below ovary in female flowers. Ovary 5-locular; locules 12 - 16-ovuled; style absent; stigma discoid, 5-angled, thick, completely blocking mouth of staminal tube. Pistillode slender with rudimentary ovules. Fruit a septifragal capsule, 5-angled, 5-valved, woody; valves with 2 plates which separate from the 5-winged axis; seeds numerous, flat, winged at both ends, endospermous.

India and Sri Lanka. Unispecific.

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