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Trichilia P. Browne

Trees or shrubs, with an indumentum of simple or rarely stellate hairs. Leaves imparipinnate, rarely 3-foliolate or unifoliolate; leaflets opposite, entire. Flowers uni-sexual, male and female flowers on different individuals, on long-peduncled axillary or terminal panicles, rarely fasciculate or cymose. Calyx short, 4 - 5-lobed, imbricate. Petals 4 - 5, oblong, suberect, free or connate below, imbricate or valvate. Staminal tube 8 - 10-fid about to middle with free part of filaments 2-appendaged at apex; anthers inserted between appendages, mucronate. Antherodes slender, not dehiscing. Disk fleshy, annular around ovary base. Ovary 2 - 3-locular; locules 1 - 2-ovuled; style elongate; stigma 2 - 3-lobed or-toothed with a rim at base. Pistillode smaller, with rudimentary ovules. Capsules loculicidal, 2-valved, 1-seeded; seeds covered by a white aril, nonendospermous.

Tropical America, Africa and Asia with 86 species; one in India.

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