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Walsura Roxb.

Trees, with an indumentum of simple hairs. Leaves imparipinnate, 3- or unifoliolate; leaflets quite entire, usually papillose beneath; petiolules usually pulvinate. Panicles axillary and terminal. Flowers bisexual and male, or unisexual (individuals dioecious). Calyx short, deeply 5-lobed, or sepals free, imbricate or valvate. Petals usually 5, free, imbricate or valvate , rarely twisted. Stamens 10 or 8; filaments usually fused in lower half, rarely free, terminating in a pair of appendages; anthers inserted apically between appendages. Antherodes in female flowers smaller, without pollen. Disk annular in male and bisexual flowers and represented by a small swelling at base of ovary in female flowers. Ovary short, ovoid and swollen in female and bisexual flowers, 2 - 3-locular; locules with 2 collateral ovules, or incompletely 4-loculed with 1 ovule; style short or absent; stigma capitate or stout, truncate or pileate. Pistillode in male flowers with a small ovary sunken in disk, with rudimentary ovules; style present; stigma broad. Berries 1 - 2-seeded; seeds arillate or not, nonendospermous.

Indo-Malesia, with 10 species; 7 in India.


1a. Filaments subulate, free 5. Walsura robusta
b. Filaments linear, connate to various degrees to form a staminal tube 2
2a. Filaments connate for 1/2 to 2/3 of staminal tube 7. Walsura tubulata
b. Filaments connate to 1/3 of staminal tube 3
3a. Leaves less than 25 cm long 4
b. Leaves more than 30 cm long 5
4a. Leaflets 5 1. Walsura candollei
b. Leaflets 7 4. Walsura perrottetii
5a. Leaflets 3; flowers yellowish 6. Walsura trifolia
b. Leaflets 5; flowers white 6
6a. Leaflets more than 12 cm long, coriaceous; venation conspicuous 2. Walsura hypoleuca
b. Leaflets less than 12 cm long, chartaceous; venation inconspicuous 3. Walsura oxycarpa

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